From the glistening waterways to the fields and forests that appear golden in the sunlight, the Northern New York landscape of the St. Lawrence Valley offers a blend of the exhilarating and the serene. Rivers that flow through from their headwaters in the Adirondack Mountains to the St. Lawrence River — the St. Regis, the Oswegatchie, Grasse and Raquette — sustain a rich variety of animal, plant and aquatic life. The valley is home to a large array of protected birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Its heritage is also intertwined with agriculture, which made it possible for the first families to settle here and which remains crucial to the economy. The ecosystem also fuels the tourism and hydropower that are essential to the region. And because of the rivers, wetlands and grasslands, the St. Lawrence Valley is a mecca for boating, fishing and waterfowl hunting. Year round, the landscape sets the stage for fishing derbies, canoe races, agricultural expos, waterfront festivals, and winter carnivals. The region’s natural resources also draw university students and faculty, professionals, and people from elsewhere all looking for a place to settle, study, and enjoy a rural lifestyle. They recognize that this is an ideal place to live and that they play a major role in maintaining the quality of life. 

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Field during autumn

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