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Grasse River Initiative

See the pdf file at the bottom of this page to read our recent advocacy letter sent to Govenor Cuomo

Our current keynote project is the Grasse River Initiative, integrating landowner outreach, a river stewardship program, and riparian (river-bank) conservation easements. We are focusing our efforts on the Grasse River and Little River watersheds in the Town of Canton, New York, upstream from the village of Canton. These rivers are popular for canoeing and sports-fishing; our project area includes the route of the regionally popular Rushton Canoe Races.

The St. Lawrence Land Trust and a local family are establishing a conservation easement on the family’s property along the Grasse River across from Taylor Park, a popular community swimming beach and recreational area. We are also conducting a series of meetings with residents along the Grasse River and Little River, to inform landowners about options for conserving their property’s ecological, cultural, and recreational values.

Landowners who own property along the Grasse or Little River, and who pledge to steward their riverside property in a manner that preserves or improves the environmental quality of the river, receive a River Steward certificate to acknowledge their positive efforts to maintain the quality of the river and its watershed. If you are interested in the River Steward program, or in attending or hosting a meeting about options for conserving property in the Grasse River or Littler River watershed, please contact us.

The Grasse River Initiative is generously funded through the New York State Conservation Partnership Program, using money provided by the New York Environmental Protection Fund. The Grasse River Initiative is intended to be a first-step in a larger effort to promote river stewardship and conservation along the river corridors of our region.

Another effort of the land trust is advocacy at the local and state level. Some of this work is accomplished through a coalition of like-minded organizations, The Friends of New York's Environment. Here is a recent letter we sent to Governor Cuomo:



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